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D where he was a part of various projects in the areas of hybrid solar cells, nanomaterials for drug delivery, assessing the toxicity of nanomaterials and development of nanoparticles based chemical sensors for detection of peroxides. Karakoti’s research is focused on development of novel redox active nanomaterials for treatment of diseases caused by reactive oxygen species and development of sensing platform for diagnosis of various communicable and non-communicable diseases.

He has worked on a variety of industrial and academic projects such as sustained inorganic nanomaterials based anti-cancerous compounds, controlled drug release, targeted drug delivery, thermal conversion of methanol to hydrogen, electrochemical conversion of alcohols to energy, gas and chemical sensors, inorganic antioxidants, hydrophobic coatings, photocatalytic decomposition of organic contaminants, antireflective sol-gel coatings and hybrid solar cells. Karakoti worked as a Principal Scientist at Battelle Science and Technology Pvt Ltd from September 2012 to October 2014 where he worked on developing platform nanomaterials based technologies for wide range of applications in automotive, energy, environment and healthcare applications. Karakoti also worked at the Environmental and Molecular Sciences Laboratory at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory as a Research Associate following his Ph.

Objectives The aim of this study was to profile anaemia clinicohaematologically among elderly.

Materials and methods A total of 168 geriatric patients aged 65 years and above, male and female patients with haemoglobin less than 12 g/dl admitted in the Tertiary Care Hospital, were included in the study.