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It was also revealed that their families are aware of their relationship, which is now two years old.

It was told that Ha-neul’s boyfriend is really talented with a handsome look and belongs to a very wealthy family, even, the parents of the actress like the guy a lot.

Since they are of age, of course marriage is on their minds.

But there aren’t any specific plans for it yet,” revealed SM C&C.

They have been dating for about a year now, and he′s a businessman one year her junior.

We don′t know the specifics as they are her personal affairs, but we heard that they′re in a serious relationship.”Kim Ha Neul has been engaged in many rumor’s previously but this is the first time her agency has confirmed .

Meanwhile, Kim Ha Neul is currently filming movie Female Teacher.

Actor Kang Ha-neul is set to enlist in the military on Sept. Due to his enlistment, Kang will withdraw from OCN's upcoming crime-thriller drama "Bad Guys 2," which will start filming later in July.

The 2011’s serial killer thriller movie, “Blind’s” fame actress Kim Ha-neul, who was in news for having a relationship with a businessman and getting married to him soon, has refuted her marriage rumors by saying that she is not getting married soon, but its is confirmed that she is in a relationship.At the time, her agency declared that they had decided to tie the knot after a year of serious dating based on the love and trust they have for one another.Kim Ha Neul is dating a non-celebrity businessman one year her junior.'Dispatch' also followed the news with paparazzi cuts they had taken of the actress and her boyfriend, which you can check out here. Her agency SM C&C confirmed the news stating , “It is true Kim Ha Nuel has a boyfriend.