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Diana Vickers is a British singer-songwriter, fashion designer; actress and.She was born in July 30, 1991 in Blackburn of Lancashire in England.

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Which successful act are they most like: 3T, the briefly-successful 1990s boyband formed by Michael Jackson's nephews.As our intimate picture shows, they appeared to kiss while trying to use Quigg’s hat to hide from the cameras.At the house at 1am, Vickers was seen wearing a TV shirt with “Vote Eoghan” emblazoned on the back.Zayn and Rebecca were dating while on the reality show in 2011 and were often spotted out and about holding hands and on romantic dates. Diana Vickers and Eoghan Quigg Teenage sweathearts Diana and Eoghan were constantly hounded with questions about their relationship. In 2010, Wagner (with a W) and Mary were said to have done a lot of flirting eventually going on to date.While they never actually confirmed the rumours, that didn’t stop us putting their name in hearts.