Updating the database with a dataadapter and the dataset

There's nothing in your code that changes that "Test" table, so you should not see any modifications after the update...

updating the database with a dataadapter and the dataset-12updating the database with a dataadapter and the dataset-62updating the database with a dataadapter and the dataset-76

Modified) Then Exit Sub ' Create temporary Data Set variable. Code: Public Sub Connect To Access() Dim Last Error As Exception 'Last Error = Server.

I would also advise that you break out the query into a seperate code file and remove the try/catch block. I suppose you want to want to use the Datatable table that you get from the function's parameters (from Access) and use it to update the same table in My Sql, rigth? The code compiles and runs with out error - but when I check the My Sql DB to see the updates, there is nothing there.

That way you can test that it is in fact the code which is the issue or other code affecting it and additionally any error messages that the try/catch block 'absorbs' will be displayed on the webpage / debugger automatically.

I am inserting record in grid and using dataset for this purpose and store this dataset in session variable so that it is globly available after i click a update button then this dataset update all the rows in database(this working fine.) now in grid there is a delete icon when i am pressing this i am deleting row in this dataset and bind grid to dataset and the row is deleted from dataset. Rows.removeat(Val(Session("Crnt Row"))) gv1.datasouce=Session("WCDST") gv1.databind here it delete row for dataset now when i click on update button these rows should be delete from database objcommandbuilder = New Sql Command Builder(Session("WCDAD")) Session("WCDAD"). Accept Changes() rows are not deleting from database To delete a row and reflect it in the database, you need to set the row state to deleted instead of removing the row itself.

but problem is that when i am pressing update button all the rows i have deleted should delete from database but these are not deleting from database. Update(Session("WCDST"), "WEBCART") Session("WCDST").