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Also, your clients will be more than thrilled to use a dating site that doesn't freeze or crash as often as most of the online sites they may already be familiar with.

In order to start a regular business like a restaurant or a bakery, you may need start-up costs in excess of k, and there's also a ton of work before you can hope to get any of that money back.

In the last decade Ska Date powered thousands of successful dating sites and received back-to-back i Date Awards nominations in the category of Best Dating Software Provider.

Some sites offer general apps where you need to enter the site's address. Our apps are made individually for each client, have the website's logo, title, contents.

nondisclosure agreements (NDAs) • License agreements • Service agreements. Do not sign purchase orders (POs) or other customer-provided documents without Legal approval.

Customer documents often contain legal and economic terms and conditions that the Company did not agree to.

Our script is fully scalable to fit the needs of both large and small website communities.

We are happy to answer any questions you may have about our software, be it installation, customization or design.

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As it is done in all the other social and dating apps like Facebook, POF, etc. Chameleon itself is now 1000 times more complex and feature rich than Word Press and is a professional standalone system.It summarizes 12 ways in which sales people can get themselves and the company into trouble. Sales reps / managers are not to sign legal type documents without approval from [VP Sales].This category of documents includes without limitation: • Responses to requests for proposal (RFPs), requests for quotation (RFQs), requests for information (RFIs) • Bid documents • Confidentiality agreements a.k.a.Usually to develop such apps from scratch you need to spend thousands.We offer this very same service for free or nearly free of charge.