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Another common misconception is that kayaking predominantly works the arms and the upper body, when the bigger muscle groups below are actually doing most of the work. Considering the fact that people think it’s an all arms sport, it’s really not.” To get into the best shape possible for the Olympics, Hornsby says he generally trains for 25 to 30 hours each week, although it depends on what point in the training he’s at, as well as the time of year due to the competition schedule.

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The boats are only as wide as the athlete’s hips, and Hornsby says being able to stay balanced in them is something that takes months of practice.Sprinters are powerfully built and explosively fast for shorter stretches. Sprinters typically are smaller than distance runners.Shorter legs are beneficial for quickly building speed.Kayaking and canoeing is actually more of a traditional Olympic event than you might think, with events in flat water sprint kayaking dating back to 1936 and appearing in every Olympic Games ever since.Even slalom or whitewater kayaking dates back to 1972, although it didn’t become a mainstay event until 1992.