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This applies not just to individual species, but also to unique genera and entire families, meaning that Madagascar is home to entire evolutionary lineages (some of them dating back 90 million years or more) found nowhere else on the planet.

For those of you who might have missed the three Dreamworks animated films in the “Madagascar” series, or who have not seen any of the various nature documentaries on them, lemurs are a distinct group of primates found only on Madagascar.

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There is some risk to your security elsewhere in Madagascar due to the uncertain political situation and violent crime and we advise caution.Now numbering 105 species in five families and 15 genera, lemurs are so diverse that they make Madagascar one of the four major regions in which nonhuman primates occur and account for nearly one-third of all primate families and about one-fifth of all known primate species.This in spite of the fact that Texas-sized Madagascar is only about 2% of the land area of each of the three other major regions where nonhuman primates occur: tropical, subtropical and temperate Asia; the African continent; and South and Central America.This event is intended to raise awareness of the importance of these wonderful creatures both across Madagascar and around the world. Well, aside from being delightful, beautiful creatures that are part of the mammalian order Primates of which we ourselves are members, they are also a major economic asset for a country historically plagued by poverty and political instability.Madagascar is one of the most biodiversity-rich countries on the planet, with levels of endemism (organisms found nowhere else) among the very highest on Earth.